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Trekking in Paklenica

Duration: 8 days
Location: NP Paklenica
Activity level: Energy
Activities: Hiking, Caving, Rafting or Canoeing

During this week we'll visit the Plitvice lakes and Zadar, trek during 4 days in Paklenica national park. We' ll do a rafting on the Zrmanja River and have a speleological adventure in a natural cave.

Day 1 - Arrival at the airport, transfer to our pension in Vinjerac little village, on the seaside.
Welcome drink and presentations.

Day 2 - After the breakfast we will get underway towards the famous national park of the Plitvice Lakes classified at the world inheritance of UNESCO.
The day will be devoted to the visit of the national park where sixteen lakes in steps are falling one in another in cascade over Travertine formed of plants, algae and mosses.
Return to the pension in Vinjerac, dinner and night.

Day 3 - After the breakfast departure towards the national park of Paklenica in which we penetrate through the canyon of the torrent Mala Paklenica, up to the pastures of Njive Lekine where formerly lived the local shepherds, across forests of pine and beeches we continue our rise to join the mountain hut of Vlaski Grad (1375 meters). Dinner and night in common dormitory.

Day 4 -Departure for a succession of the highest tops of the Velebit from east to west while all along the peak offering splendid panoramas sometimes on the continental area of Lika, other times on the Adriatic and its islands, starting with Sveto Brdo (1753m), Malovan, Vaganski (1757m) the highest top, through Babin Vrh to finally get to the mountain hut of Struge (1400m), dinner and night in the refuge.

Day 5 - We leave the refuge of Struge and its gentle guard to start towards the west a descent which via the wood and the large meadow of Veliko Rujno will carry out us to the Bojinac mount, large calcareous mass where time, wind, water and variations in temperatures carved the rock in various shapes for our greater joy.
Once we’ve climbed the top, we will move towards the hamlet which was, a few decades ago, animated with pastoral life and which will be used by us as refuge. The owner of the place will accommodate us for the dinner and a good night in prospect.

Day 6 - In the morning we go down the mountain through the majestic canyon of Velika Paklenica, we will follow the torrent passing along the foot of the imposing rock of Anica Kuk (more than 400 meters in height) where we will be able to observe ones climbing it before arriving in Starigrad-Paklenica from where we will take the road during an hour to the starting point of our adventure of the day:
Rafting or canoing depending on the water level on the famous Zrmanje River within the natural reserve of Velebit!
This river considered as one of the most beautiful karstic rivers by the Croatian geologists has, during millenniums, dug a deep canyon sometimes reaching a 300 meters depth. We will be carried by his current during more than 4 hours across falls, sedimentary cascades and barriers to a green meadow where we will lunch.
Our heart of adventurer waked up, we will continue by visiting a cave penetrating horizontally on more than 800 meters in the basement in order to observe the thousand-years-old stalactites and stalagmites during 1 hour 30.
The dinner and a good bed will await us at the end of the day at the pension in Vinjerac.

Day 7 - 40 minutes transfer towards Zadar, free day devoted to the visit of the city, return towards the pension to Vinjerac at the end of the day, dinner, night.