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Bungee Jumping

Maslenica bridge, above a sea channel, is located between Posedarje and Maslenica villages, 25 minutes drive from Zadar.

Bungee jumping is a really thrilling experience will surely rise your adrenaline level !

The bridge is 55 meters high plus one meter fence, which means that the jump starts at the hight of 56 metres from a metal construction that is placed in the middle of the bridge.

The jumper is tied with tree secured ropes, two on his calves, on wich he is hooked up on the alpinistic waistcoat in the area of his waist. 

All the equipment is attested specialised alpinistic equipment. The elastic bands are tested for a precise number of jumps and are being regulary replaced. Free fall is about 30 to 35 meters. 

Price 60 € or 460 Kuna.
Transportation to the site not included